Smart Locks - Posted on 29/07/2019

Smart Lock Edinburgh

Businesses and homeowners are always looking for new ways to improve security and access to their premises. Smart locks are becoming a popular choice for both of these groups. Smart locks are locks that are opened using a virtual key instead of a physical key. They are commonly set up to be operated with a smartphone, key fob or keypad. Smart locks can be fitted to many different types of doors including timber, composite and UPVC and can be used alongside existing locks. They are usually more expensive than traditional locks but offer several advantages

Benefits for Homeowners

  1. Doors can be locked /unlocked from anywhere in the world using a smartphone app. This is ideal for allowing access to your property for friends or family while you are on holiday etc.
  2. No more worrying about lost house keys and having to change the locks
  3. There is no need to hide a spare key
  4. No need for spare keys to be cut
  5. There is no worrying about if you have locked the door after you have left your house. You can check using your phone.
  6. Temporary access can be given to tradespeople while they are working in your property but can be easily removed when the work is complete
  7. They can be used in rented properties to prevent landlords and tenants worrying about previous tenants who may still have keys and access to their property
  8. Some smart locks are compatible with Amazon Alexa, which means voice commands can be used to lock/unlock the door
  9. Smart locks can act as a deterrent to burglars

Benefits for Businesses

  1. Can restrict the time that staff have access to
    a building to certain hours of the day
  2. Can restrict the areas that staff have access to
  3. Members of staff can be given unique access
    codes which will enable tracking and an audit trail of who and when someone has
    entered a building or area.
  4. Can quickly and easily remove access to premises
    when a member of staff leaves
  5. Temporary access can be easily provided via a
    virtual key e.g. key code or e-key sent to a mobile app. The virtual key can
    then be deleted shortly after and access is once again restricted
  6. Reduces the risk of lost or stolen keys

A smart lock can provide added security and convenience for
both businesses and homeowners. There are lots of different types of smart lock
on the market. To decide which one will work best for you will depend on several

  • Your existing lock type
  • If you prefer a smart lock operated with a
    keypad, fobs, smartphone etc.
  • The number of people who will need access
  • If you require an auditing facility
  • Your budget

If you are interested in smart locks and would like to find out more, please get in touch or give us a call on 0131 235 2767. Door Entry System Services are experts in all types of door entry systems. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you decide on the right solution for your needs.